Ghost Bundle

The Kulture Kabinet

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Some things are just way more scary than goblins and ghouls. Don't believe me? Ask anyone who's been left on read during the holidays. It's ok, really. Sip your tea, let the smell of citrus, sea salt, plum, cardamom and amber musk remind you of who you are, and do your friends and family a solid by ghosting the smell of your sh*t before they even noticed you tried to violate their senses.

Set includes:

1 - Poop Spray with an invigorating blend of freesia, Lavender and lime.  Just shake well and spray three to four pumps directly into the toiled before you have to "use" it. Flush, wipe and wash your hands. Because. Ew.

2 - 10 oz Ghosted Candle

3 - 10 oz 'I Ghost People' Mug

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