Florida Water Spray & Soap

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Peruvian Florida Water has been in existence since the 1800's, making it a favorite among Shamans, High Priests, Priestesses, Mediums & energy workers. Its strong cleansing properties and refreshing citrus smell make Florida Water one of the most popular water products in the world. As a result of its strong magical properties, it is a staple in many households and religious practices and can be incorporated in the following ways:

-Anoint your floors, windows, and doorways with Florida Water when blessing and cleansing a new home.

-Spritz a little Florida Water on your head, neck, heart, and feet after you take a bath to feel protected and centered.

-Use Florida Water in your workplace to promote peace.

-Florida Water should be sprayed on your hands after you have engaged with negative people or been in an environment that is negative.

WARNING: Florida Water should never be applied directly to or too close to a flame due to its flammability. KEEP AWAY from children and pets. DO NOT DRINK.

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