Gemstone Smoking Pipes

The Kulture Kabinet

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Our All Natural Gemstone Smoking Pipes are approximately 4.5 inches long and come with 2 extra screens (3 total) and a pipe cleaner. Every pipe is unique! While you will get the stone style you order, every single one is all-natural and will have it's own unique features and color variations. Stone, properties and care instructions listed below:


Red Smelting - Red Smelting boosts vitality and mental alertness, and amplifies the desire to take on life’s challenges with determination and perseverance. It inspires creativity and sexuality, and renews excitement and confidence in bringing one’s projects, goals and desires into reality.

Black Obsidian - A guardian stone that is commonly used as a powerful shield against negative energy, negative thoughts, and negative actions. Can heal not just physical ailment but mental and emotional pain and thoroughly cleanse, heal, and restore your aura from toxicity. 

Rose Quartz - Reminder that the most important person to love and nurture is yourself. Rose Quartz opens up your heart to all kinds of love: self-love, familial love, friendship, romance and more.

Lapis Lazuli  - Filled with the awareness and wisdom this stone brings, you begin to realize that you already have all the answers you seek within. Lapis Lazuli encourages you to tap into your inner wisdom and trust yourself.

Green Fluorite - Cleanses your heart and your head of negative energy or limiting beliefs so you can live your life to the fullest without holding back. Harmonizing the mind with the heart, Green Fluorite helps make certain one’s thoughts, words and actions are aligned with their true purpose.

Dream Amethyst -  A combination of amethyst and white quartz, you get the peaceful, balancing properties of amethyst and the purifying, healing properties of white quartz. It also protects and purifies the aura, wards off negative energy, eases addiction, and promotes restful sleep. Change comes easier when you work with dream amethyst – it lessens resistance to change, helping you grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.


To ensure your pipe gives you the most enjoyment, please care for it as you would any mineral or glass item. These are made from natural stone, and will be very durable under normal usage. However, these will chip and break if they are dropped, banged on something, or otherwise mishandled - just like anything else. Please treat it with care, and clean it often with the included pipe cleaner, and replace your screens often as well.

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