Original post: 5 January 2019


I grew up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in a VERY small town called Merrimon (haven't heard of it, that's ok, few have). My grandmother was one of my most favorite people on the planet. From as far back as I can remember she had always used the most natural and, dare I say, cost effective ways to treat our ailments. Like, seriously, I remember one of my cousins had chicken pox and they (grandma and her sisters, my great aunts) made her lie down in the chicken coup until a chicken jumped over her head. For that, they insisted, was how you get rid of the pox. Sure enough, she was healed a short time later. Whether it was the chickens or that the virus had run it's course, who knows, but that's what they believed.

Or the time my brother was riding his bike barefoot and fell and cut that super sensitive area underneath his pinky toe and was bleeding really badly and my grandma made us hunt down a spiderweb so that she could place it over the wound. Do you know how hard it is to find a spiderweb when you need one? Lol. By now you should be getting a sense of how wonderfully and amazingly country my upbringing was.

ANYWAYS, my grandmother always made things so simple. There was no real rhyme or reason as to why some of these things worked but more times than not, they did!

Fast forward and I've done the college thing, TWICE, and have a family of my own: A husband and three boys that I adore. Then and only then did I start becoming more mindful of what I put in and on my body (because now I am responsible for four MORE bodies). One that came with eczema, one that came with anxiety, and one that came with a smart ass mouth (I'm still working on an antidote for that one). I started realizing that there are chemicals in EVERYTHING! What we eat, our cleaning products, our water, our body products.....many of which were causing the very things that I needed to treat. 

I started making (and truth be told, am still currently making) small adjustments and changes to our day to day routines and introducing healthier options into our life. I enrolled in school to learn more about herbalism and then began making my own products. At first it was just for my family, and then for my friends, and now to you...my extended family. 

I am absolutely in love with the creative process and learning the "whys" of how certain plants and oils benefit us and help ease certain discomforts. I offer you these products with peace of mind knowing that I have used my family as guinea pigs for years! Haha! Thank you for visiting my page! Browse, become inspired, and SHOP! 

With love and love and LOVE,


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