Original post: 10 January 2019


The Kulture Kabinet came into being years ago, really. I just didn't know why I was doing what I was doing or what would become of it.

I started taking a real interest in purchasing cleaners and medicines for my family that had the least amount of chemicals and ones that maximized the goodness that we needed. But to keep it quite frank, that shit started to get mad expensive! I still wanted the quality of the products but for a more reasonable price. The solution was to make it myself!

I started with the food we ate. I began weening out a ton of processed foods and started buying more herbs and spices and researching their benefits. After that, it was pretty much a wrap. I became something of a mad scientist: mixing and matching, boiling and baking, melting and freezing different oils and butters and herbs and spices to achieve the results that I desired. 

I saw how my kids began getting excited about the process and wanted to help, so we started gifting bath bombs and soaps, initially, to friends and family who loved what we were making! I then purchased my first kombucha kit and fell even more in love with that process! 

The SCOBY, or "mother", is a live culture of bacteria and yeast that is used to ferment kombucha. By the time my SCOBY collection had grown and my apothecary cabinet had begun to overflow with products and supplies, the name became crystal clear! The KULTURE KABINET! 

I am enjoying everything about this company because it is what I was meant to do! Everything is created in small batches to maximize the quality of the items created. I am so excited that you are (still reading, for one) getting to partake in this journey with me. You's FAMILY, nah!!!

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