The Real.....

The Real.....

Original post: 29 July 2019


It is way past time for an update. To fill you in: We just completed our transition back to the states, husband is back at work, kids start school soon and business is rolling!

*SN* That's an old ass picture I used as the cover so if you see me in the streets don't come for me tal'm bout I look like I gained weight. Mind ya business.

With that being said, while I am extremely grateful and happy and enjoying this ever so wonderful life of mine, I have recently found myself struggling to fight back a bit of anxiety.

These past few months have been overwhelming, to say the least, and I feel as though I've been handling this shit like a G! But when it comes to this aspect, the business aspect, this becomes another beast in and of itself. While I absolutely LOVE what I do, the expectations I place on myself start messing with my head. 

I worry about letting people down. People not liking the products. And to keep it 100: Success! Sounds crazy, right? But it's the truth. I keep focusing on problems that I haven't even encountered yet and I justify it as me "preparing myself just in case". If you know me you know that that is WAY out of my character. I'm usually the one telling folk to 'hunt the good stuff' and focus on the positive. But trying to do all of this myself is a lot! Everything that you receive passes directly through my hands (and I LOVE it)! Every dime that has been invested in this endeavor has come out of my husband's check (can we give it up to that man. Damn. He is awesome!). But guess what? I wouldn't change one bit of it!

I know that this is part of the process and having that little bit of anxiety is only going to fuel me to keep doing my best! It isn't always easy but seeing and hearing from people I know my craft is impacting, solidifies that which I already knew: I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and am exactly where I need to be right now in life.

I am excited for all of my friends out here flexing their own entrepreneurial muscles and making things happen for them on their own terms. Keep it up, Family! I see you! Learn from the bad and revel in the good. You deserve this and know that I gotcha back!

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