Straight To The Point

Straight To The Point

Original post: 13 April 2020


I'm going to make this one short and sweet.

I had someone ask me why I used profanity on my social media pages knowing that it may detract potential customers, all while looking at me like I'd punched their dog in the face. Me, being who I am, looked right back at them like I'd punched their dog in the face and explained that my purpose is to minister to my tribe through love, education, and laughter and that the people who were turned off by it were not my people and therefore not my concern.

We spend so many years trying to people please that we lose authenticity among our Selves. We stop listening to our intuition because the voices of naysayers and haters cloud our judgement and convince us that we don't know our own truth or that our own truth isn't as valuable as their wack ass opinions, options, or suggestions.

I shrunk myself down for over two decades before I had the courage to express and speak up for myself and you best believe that after all that time I have some shit to say! I didn't even discover that I was a real cusser until my early thirties and ain't no turning back now! Hell, even Spongebob Squarepants called obscenities 'sentence enhancers'.

I've ALWAYS felt like I was forced to live in a box! Always. My earliest memory was being in church at around the age of seven or eight and asking the pastor, "If Jesus was a Jew, why aren't we Jewish?" Instead of giving me an answer that would quench my ever growing thirst for knowledge, I was told that we are never to question the word of God, so I shut up did as I was told. That was the first time I recall making myself shrink into that box I mentioned. But let me tell you now about the time I specifically remember thinking that the box was some straight up bullshit! 

I was sitting in either my American or English Literature class (yeah bitch, I'm college educated two times over) and the professor started talking about the literary canon. I distinctly remember thinking, "Who decided that THESE works be deemed more important than others?" Sure, I fucks with the Bronte sisters, Poe, Keats, Shelly and a few more (I consider any African/African American listed in the canon (Hurston, Hughes, Morrison...... to be the GOAT as well as Ralph Waldo Emerson and a few others, but I digress)). In that moment something triggered my seventeen year old brain and I decided that I would read, research, review and come to my own conclusions about, well, everything! I would stop letting people make decisions for me and I would start forging my own path. I would begin expressing how I felt and what was on my mind even if it wasn't the popular opinion (and most times it isn't), just so long as I wasn't PRETENDING anymore. 

I'm still an Empath so I do tailor my truth based on who I'm talking to. I do have to be more sensitive to others at times because not everyone is built Ford tough. But that generally isn't an issue. I've never had a problem drawing people to me, it was the cutting off of the negative ones that I used to have the most trouble with. No worries, I'm better now. Lol

Okay, so maybe this wasn't as short as I thought it would be. But, basically, sometimes a "Please mind your business," doesn't hit as hard as a "FUCK OFF!"

Be blessed and shine love and light on everyone you come in contact with today! LOVE YOU!!!


*Sidebar:  The canon refers to works of literature and poetry that are largely considered by critics and scholars to effectively represent a countries experience or perspective within art. While my, now, almost forty year old self can appreciate what it was meant to be, I still have my issues with it. That's growth. Lol

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