On Being Flexible.....

On Being Flexible.....

Original post: 2 July 2020


No, no, no. Not the workout kind. I have long since come to terms that I am the chubby friend but don't feel bad for me.....I'm HELLA cute so I don't in no ways feel bad about it. Lol.

I'm talking about mental dexterity. Mental flexibility. The ability to allow yourself to not be perfect. I just recently had a conversation with my cousin about how her sister was stressed out about a shipment that caused her orders to clients to be delayed. I had to chuckle just a little bit. Not because it was funny but because not too long ago I was in that exact same situation.

Last year, right after our move to Georgia when the business had just started to really get going, I had a rude awakening with just how unfamiliar I was with the four thousand and fifteen degree heat that is Georgia. I shipped out about thirty packages containing my ever popular whipped body butter(yeah, you should probably check that out) and about half of them reached their destinations looking like a jar of just......man, it was hella melted. Most of my customers are familiar with how natural ingredients work and knew that though the appearance was different, the quality was still there and it just required a little cooling and a quick whip with an electric mixer. Others were disappointed, as they should be, which fucked me up mentally and emotionally. I LOVE making people happy so I was in a bad space for a hot minute. 

I called a good friend overseas and BROKE. DOWN! But like any true member of my personal tribe she helped me get my shit together with the quickness!!! As a successful business owner herself, she first had me acknowledge that I can not control everything which was a hard pill for me to swallow (if you've been tracking.....I'm a Virgo). We then broke down what the problem was, I resolved that I couldn't change it, we came up with a viable solution and I vowed to never enter into the sunken place pertaining to things that I had no control over.

All that to say this: when it comes to school, your home, kids, work and just LIFE in general, you have to learn to be easy on yourself. Shit happens. It's as simple as that. Acknowledge the lesson or be doomed to repeat it but don't get stuck in that place. It is dark and it will have you doubting everything you have worked so hard to accomplish. You've come way too far to live under a shroud of self doubt because all of this shit is uncertain. No matter how hard you work or want to people please you are never going to get it one hundred percent right ALL. THE TIME! It just isn't realistic. Be flexible so that you can enjoy and flex when it all comes together! You got this, Sis! Keep grinding, Brother! And don't EVER be too proud or feel so self defeated that you feel as thought you can not reach out for help. 

AND anOther THING! One of the best pieces of advice that I have heard and received in my life was, "Never take advice from someone you wouldn't trade places with". Don't rack your brain trying to break that down. Loosely translated: Seek advice and be mindful of the company you keep. Some of the same people standing in your corner don't want you to win and support doesn't always come from the people you think it will. I have found myself bending over backwards to support people who haven't thought twice about reciprocating. But you know what? That's fine, too. I'll contribute my time, energy and love where it is appreciated and keep it pushing. No love lost but lesson learned.

Ok. Dessit. I kinda got off topic a little but you get it. Be flexible and don't beat yourself up too bad. Lol. LOVE YOU! 

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